One of the most interesting aspects about beauty in this day and age is its fluidity–
instead of extolling features that fit a set of rigid measurements and specifications, beauty today is dynamic and evokes raw and intertwining feelings of aesthetics, emotions, and values.
And so as the definition of beauty changes, the products that vow to glorify, intensify, and preserve beauty must change along with it.

That’s exactly what B.Y.O.B. – acronym for build your own brand or build your own beauty – sets out to create for you.

As experts in clean manufacturing of green and cruelty-free skin care products, our team of biochemists, cosmetic scientists, and beauty therapists formulate works of alchemy with underlying scientific prowess. Our creative department will help you explore niche markets and build brands with distinct personality, actualizing your inspirations and objectives into a unique and competitive merchandise.

Architecture of Product Development

Science – skillfully formulated, scientifically tested, meticulously tried, and artfully made, our R & D and production are guided by good manufacturing practices and carried out in our ISO 22716 certified laboratories

Ethics – ingredients and formula design are carefully considered all-round, with the wellbeing and safety of users as our priority; we also engage in charity sponsorships and service volunteering under the name of our in-house brand – Skin Need Natural Condition System – to foster a corporate culture of social contribution to reflect the values of our founders
Conservation Biology – we source sustainable alternatives to traditional ingredients, packaging, and suggest the use of certified environmental-friendly materials where possible; we also provide organic / organic-certified options in all of our product categories, all in the purpose of preserving the nature that has nurtured and nourished our body and soul
Beauty – beauty to us encompasses the mindfulness and intellect to choose correctly, use wisely, and live consciously. With these values in mind, our innovations take on a creative and holistic approach to consider product effect, well-being to the user, and impact to the world when creating your brand, channeling the idea in the style and vibe you want to emphasize the notion that everyone can be beautiful


Our manufacturing team is composed of doctorate-level chemists & structural biologists, cosmetic scientists, and mastery aestheticians with over 20+ years of experience in the spa service and cosmetic industry, in order to maximize product safety and efficacy including its use in conjunction with the latest dermatological technologies. Our creative design & marketing team were trained and seasoned in world-class creative agencies with extensive experience in branding, design, and innovative marketing, to ultimately create your brand with a distinguished and memorable ID.

Infrastructure & Facilities

ISO: 22716 (GMP standard equivalent) certified testing and manufacturing facility
product assessment analysis (visual, stability, efficacy, safety, microbial activity)
state-of-the-art R & D, manufacturing, and packaging facility
100000-grade dust particle controlled infrastructure
water system in compliance with U.S. Pharmacopeia
dermatological-use equipments such as laser, HIFU, IPL, and radio frequency machinery for product maximization assessments


2 manufacturing locations: Hong Kong & Southern California