B.Y.O.B. – building your own brand is as easy as 1-2-3-4

As experts in clean manufacturing of green and cruelty-free skin care products, our team of biochemists, cosmetic scientists, and beauty therapists formulate works of alchemy with underlying scientific prowess. Our creative department will help you explore niche markets and build brands with distinct personality, actualizing your inspirations and objectives into a unique and competitive merchandise.
The development of a custom formula is a creative, rigorous, and rewarding process. We discuss, propose, construct, and modify formulas based on client’s unique requests, producing one-of-a-kind creations that possess distinctive personality and competitive marketing edge.

Step 1 – the formation
Conceptualizing your ideas to form basis for sampling and prototyping

Step 2 – the selection
Creating samples and prototypes based on formation to select and perfect product

Step 3 – the production
Manufacturing of products under GMP / ISO 22716 standards in one of our two locations: Hong Kong SAR or CA U.S.A.

Step 4 – the education
We offer cosmecuetical education and practicum to select private label lines to optimize brand competitive edge


Our extensive network of partners in the skin care manufacturing supply chain allows us to carry a unique and impressive selection of skin care packaging choices. With an annual turnover of 300k units of high-end skin care, we also carry a wide range of stock packaging choices to building your own brand.

Art & Branding

While our expertise is deeply rooted in skin care formulation and manufacturing, our in-house visual and design team also offers creative branding and marketing services through design thinking to perfectly align with R & D and manufacturing team to optimize brand impact.